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ERC20 tokens specifically deployed for this Workshop will be distributed for free to the participants that have successfully met the requirements to be awarded a Certificate. In more detail, tokens will be distributed:

  • to participants that have successful attended and completed Day 1;
  • to Day 2 participants that have successfully completed the implementation milestones as set by the Instructors (rewards)

The Ethereum contract address on main net is as follows: 0xe

The contract can be viewed in Etherscan at

More details can be found here: (Link to github)

Can be used for all the events co-organised under the UNIC/CERTH brand, as follows:

  • redeem for discounts;
  • community building;
  • group registrations;
  • voting rights for future events;
  • for various Promotional offers; and,
  • as a medium of further experimentation from the community.

We would like the feedback of the community with regards to our events and thus we encourage the community and other blockchain enthusiasts to share their passion with us.