Information Technologies Institute

Centre for Research and Technologies Hellas

The Information Technologies Institute (ITI), is a member of the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH), in Thessaloniki, Greece. CERTH/ITI has been actively working on blockchain technologies via several H2020 research projects, where basic features of the technology and its applications are examined, such as applications in the health sector, the energy sector, in cybersecurity for homes and enterprises. Projects are funded by Horizon 2020 & Greek research grants in collaboration with national and international partners, as well as financed directly by the private sector.

Taking research findings a step further ITI is currently developing a Blockchain-as-a-Service platform based on the Ethereum framework, which is focused currently on private and consortium chains and via the use of smart contracts, it is applied in the Energy and Health sectors, particularly in IoT and Energy trading applications, Digital identity, Permission & Consent handling and Automated settlements, in view of enhancing personal data security and data sharing as well as automating processes.

The Blockchain Lab comprises a core dedicated team of Research Associates with expertise in parallel/distributed systems and decentralized architectures, cryptography and blockchain smart contract development. Under the supervision and direction of two ITI researchers, the team is aided by several other research associates active in the aforementioned H2020 research projects, to which it contributes in the architectural and development phases.

CERTH/ITI is an associated academic member of the Hyperledger Project. In early 2018 the institute organized the first workshop training in Thessaloniki, Greece on “Hyperledger Framework – Bringing blockchain technologies closer to tomorrow’s businesses”, within the frame of the DEVit conference.